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Chocolate is considered to be a forbidden product, and even the unfortunate 5 grams of chocolate are recorded by many as enemies. In fact, there are many benefits in chocolate, and if you like this dessert, feel free to include it in your meals. The main thing is the norm and quality, then any calories will be justified.

Source of flavonoids

These plant substances are very important for the body, they are powerful antioxidants and have a general strengthening effect on the body. Cocoa, which is part of chocolate, contains a flavonoid that stimulates blood circulation in the brain.

A storehouse of vitamins

50 grams of chocolate contains 6 grams of fiber, a third of the daily value for iron, a quarter of the daily value for magnesium, and half for copper and manganese. On the other hand, 50 grams of chocolate has 300 calories, so get those vitamins from other foods as well.

Reduces pressure

Those same flavonoids stimulate the production of nitric oxide in the body, blood vessels dilate and blood pressure naturally decreases. And it does not rise, as is commonly believed.

Reduces cholesterol levels

In short, there is good and bad cholesterol. The bad one settles on the walls of the arteries and causes the formation of plaques. Chocolate reduces the amount of such cholesterol and increases the level of good – high density lipoprotein.

Relieves stress

Frequent consumption of chocolate removes cortisol and catecholamines, which are stress hormones. So if you have a risky job, hard school or a black streak in life, chocolate should always be at hand.

Reduces platelet accumulation

Platelets are blood cells responsible for clotting. Too active platelets can provoke coronary heart disease, and chocolate just prevents them from accumulating and objectively affecting your health.

Gives energy

The caffeine in chocolate stimulates the nervous system and gives a certain boost of vivacity and energy. You can use chocolate as an alternative to coffee and to recharge on a particularly busy day.

Improves dental health

The most common myth is that chocolate is bad for tooth enamel. Yes, if it’s milk sweet chocolate. And dark natural, on the contrary, acts on the oral cavity: it relieves inflammation of the gums and protects the enamel from caries.

Controls blood sugar

Again, high blood sugar is associated with an uncontrollable craze for those types of chocolate that are high in sugar. On the other hand, chocolate can increase insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of diabetes. At the same time, chocolate must contain at least 65% cocoa.

Protects the skin

The flavonoids found in chocolate protect the skin from UV – rays and block the formation of wrinkles. Flavonoids also improve the blood flow of the skin, which makes the skin toned and hydrated.

The main nutrients and elements in the fruit component of confectionery are as follows:

Pectin is considered a valuable substance for the human body, since it has many useful properties. Pectin benefits: improves digestion and intestinal health; helps to improve blood circulation:

– fights constipation and toxins; – fights harmful blood cholesterol; – normalizes blood pressure; – promotes regeneration; – improves the condition of the mucous membranes of the body; – has an analgesic effect on stomach ulcers, reduces inflammation; – improves metabolism; – slows down the aging process; – maintains the natural elasticity of the skin; – supports normal liver function; – reduces the risk of developing cancer; – contributes to the fight against excess weight.

Vitamin C strengthens the human immune system, and also protects it from viruses and bacteria, accelerates the healing process, affects the synthesis of a number of hormones, regulates hematopoiesis and normalizes capillary permeability, participates in the synthesis of collagen protein, which is necessary for the growth of tissue cells.

Thanks to the antioxidant effect of vitamin E​, the aging process of the skin can be slowed down, its surface layer is improved, a high level of moisture is maintained, which has a positive effect on elasticity and smoothness. Vitamin E is also important for maintaining the normal functioning of nerves, muscles and blood.

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is absolutely essential for humans. It performs a number of important functions in the body: Regulates metabolism, neutralizes the toxicity of oxidation products. Improves brain function by speeding up thought processes and boosting mood.

Vitamin B2 helps the body metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and also provides the oxygen it needs for energy. Riboflavin Improves Eyesight – Vitamin B2 is essential for the production of glutathione, an antioxidant essential for eye health and immune function.

Helps maintain healthy skin. Participates in ensuring normal vision. It improves blood circulation and lowers high blood pressure, as it has a vasodilator effect. The daily requirement for vitamin PP​: the norm of vitamin PP per day for a healthy adult is 20 mg.