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Pate de Fruits currant-strawberry

Natural Marmalade with currant and strawberry
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A very large proportion of fruit and berry component (up to 20%). Only natural ingredients. No allergens. On pectin, which has a positive effect on human body. Contains many vitamins and minerals. Natural marmalade is included in the TOP 5 of sweets allowed by nutritionists. The first natural double-flavored marmalade.Currant is rightly called as the berry of intellectuals. It is used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, colds, for the prevention of diabetes. The use of currants will have a positive effect on the cognitive functions of the brain – clarity of thinking and memory.
Eating strawberries improves vision, strengthens memory, speeds up metabolic processes in the body. Due to salicylic acid strawberries have anti-inflammatory properties. It is scientifically proven that this berry can prevent the development of some forms of cancer.