Sweet world

«SWEET WORLD» factory is leading in the field of natural sweetmeats production. We believe that bonbons and sweets must be both tasty and health-giving. Our speciality is only natural confectionery. The motto of our company is: «More Natural Sweetmeats for the World».

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Shoud'e Collection
To create chocolate Collection SHOUD’E we have found the right mix of high-quality premium chocolate, selected nuts and elegant packaging.
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Picant Collection
To create chocolate Collection «Picant» our chocolatiers carefully selected spices and herbs, and combined them with real dark chocolate
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Berry Collection
Chocolate Berry Collection with sublimated fruits are made from high quality cocoa products.
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Melody Collection
Each composition of craft chocolate Collection «Melody» is created by chocolatier with a unique design and content.
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Feelings Collection
Chocolate Collection «Feelings» is a great way to express the attitude.
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Green Tea Collection
Collection «GREEN TEA» will be appreciated by the fans of this noble beverage and lovers of white chocolate.
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Mini bar Collection
The mini bars SHOUD’E have rightfully earned the love of chocolate fans. Convenient shape and five top flavors allow you to eat real chocolate at any time.