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Who we are

About us

Welcome to Shoude USA!

We are part of the “Sweet World” family, European brand of organic confectionery with more than 17 years’ experience in the industry. With a splash of tradition we create exclusive treats using top-notch ingredients without any additives, preservatives or artificial colorings to ensure you have an exceptional sweet experience.

A wide selection of crafted chocolate, healthy energy bars, natural marmalade and many more can surprise even the most demanding customer.


Our priorities:

– Only high quality ingredients: 100% pure cacao butter, fresh fruits, nuts and berries are used to create an overwhelming taste sensation.

-We believe sweets can be both delicious and healthful. This is why we provide our customers with sugar free and gluten free products (some of our top products have Halal Certificate)

– We know that many people who are discerning about what they eat choose organic products and we endorse it!

-Our confections are carefully handcrafted to ensure a distinctive piece of taste, consistency and flavor.

-In order to create the finest confections our professional team of chocolatiers have taken European training and techniques and mixed it with their knowledge and creativity.


100% natural ingredients
Premium quality chocolate
Without palm oil
Quality according to ISO 22000 standards
Gluten free (except energy and honey bars)
Fresh fruits and berries
High quality primary processing of cocoa products

Work with us

The company’s masters were trained in Italy by specialists who have been honing their skills for centuries. After training in our country, studies were conducted on the manufacture of chocolate flavors in Europe.